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3 Questions You Need to Ask

How to find out everything you need before applying for a mortgage. Equally important as searching for a home, is searching for a mortgage.

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Get Your Credit in Order

Time to get your credit in shape. Repairing your credit is very important to making sure you have a smooth transaction with buying a home.

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Rent to Own VS Buying

Ready to own your home? Understand the differences between rent to own vs buying traditionally before you take the next step.

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Simplicity is the key to success. makes it simple to search for the perfect home. Looking to buy, rent, or rent-to-own? With over 1 million active home listings, we have your perfect match. Once you build the list of homes you're interested in you can interact with the owner or listing agent in one click. Sound simple? It's even better... We offer optional single click mortgage and/or single click credit reports options so you're ready from the start with everything you need to empower you as a renter or buyer! Get started right here...

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We Are Proud of What We Have Built began as a small site with a big vision.

We wanted to take a different approach to delivering home listings to the desktops and mobile devices of millions of home seekers. We started by asking the question...
How does today's web searcher like to consume content?
How do they like to interact with that content?
What makes one source of content more relevant and attractive than another?
I think you will like how we answered all of these questions...